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What we offer: offers a wide variety of animal themed pre-printed retail/wholesale car magnets and fundraisers, as well as custom imprinted/branded merchandise, promotional items, and marketing materials. We also offer in-house design and print services. We cater to pet groomers, animal rescues and shelters, dog daycares and pet boarding, veterinarians and animal clinics, pet bakeries, boutiques, cat cafes, dog walkers, pet sitters, and non-animal businesses and organizations, too! We promise fast, dependable service and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 


We will design a marketing or promotional item for any business or theme!

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What our customers are saying:

Pom Tammy
Yorkie Brianna
Beagle Julia
Shih Tzu Debra
Chihuahua Lucy
Orange Cat Delores
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Cat Vivien
Black Dog Diane
Black SHep Pam
himalyan cat tina
dachshund Jodi
boxer pit mary elise
Bulldog Melissa
Black Cat Ashley

Shop our stocked, pre-printed items available to purchase instantly online. Everything from Car Magnets, T-Shirts, Can Koolerz and more! Retail and Wholesale pricing available.

We offer a vast selection of marketing materials and promotional products available with your logo or custom imprint. Car magnets, business cards, brochures, pet products, promotional products, and more!

We specialize in the animal related market, but have an incredibly talented design team that can create the perfect item for any business!

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